Thursday, September 17, 2009

Layers of Skin Lesson

I think the only legitimate justification for jello is to build parts of the body for educational purposes. I also believe that once you make this, the layers of the skin enter into the permanent memory. Sure you might forget the details, but the image of it will stay forever. The coolest part is that as the dye from the peanut M&M's liquefies, you get that really cool blob of blue and the yellow as well. This makes it more realistic, but takes time. Let it sit in the refridge for a little.

I am not sure how this tastes, but I'm sure some sugar fiends will love it.

Layer, in reverse order:

Epidermal Surface - made up of dead cells - crushed up cornflakes
Epidermis - made up of dead, dying, and new skin cells - cool whip mixed with cocoa powder to resemble skin color.
Hair Follicle - hole from which a hair grows - large marshmallow
Hair - licorice. Put the licorice in the marshmallow and then insert into the dermis layer.
Meissner's Ending - detects light pressure - grapes
Pacini's Ending - detects heavy pressure - Peanut M&M's (yellow)
Sebaceous Gland - makes sebum, a natural oil - Peanut M&M's (blue)
Dermis - made up of tough, flexible fibers or collagen and elastin - red jello (or pink)
Subcutaneous Fat Layer - helps to store food, warmth, and absorb knocks - orange or yellow jello with corn pops

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